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Home Bible Study
We believe that studying the Bible is essential in a successful life and relationship with God. Reach out if you are interested in a Home Bible Study.
Visit The Sanctuary
Worshiping and fellowshipping together breaks joy and happiness to any life. Stop by the Sanctuary in Bismarck and let's have church together. 
Listen Online
Sometimes you are not able to attend, visit us online and listen to church live or past recordings of our services. We are happy for you to join!
Church Office
(701) 223-8125
2630 East Ave A
Bismarck, ND 58501
Service Times
Bible Study - 10am
Worship - 11am

Bible Study -  7 PM

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2630 East Ave A | Bismarck, ND 58501
Sunday: Bible Study - 10am & Worship - 11am

Wednesday: Bible Study - 7 PM
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